How to Recruit Every Special Character

This section links to the Mission Map page where you can recruit each character.

You cannot recruit all 17 special characters on a single file, but you can recruit the majority of them. The characters you recruit do not change the ending you receive, but it does change other story events and dialogue. Seeing all the story possibilities requires skipping recruitment sometimes.

List of Recruitable Characters by Chapter

Some basic recruitment information has been included here to help you plan your path, but most characters have additional recruitment requirements. The details for each character can be found on the appropriate Mission Map page.

Chapter 1

All three of these characters can be recruited on every file without any penalty.

Chapter 2

All six of these characters can be recruited on one file.

Recruiting Aisha or Saradin will disqualify you from recruiting Biske or Carth later.

Recruiting Ankiseth will disqualify you from recruiting Biske later.

Chapter 3

You cannot recruit all five of these characters on one file. At most, you can recruit a group of three.

This chapter has a three-way split. If you choose the mission where Paul can be recruited, then you lose the opportunity to recruit Europea or Biske. Likewise, choosing either the mission where Europea or Bisk can be recruited closes the path to Paul.

Chapter 4

You cannot recruit all three of these characters. If you qualify to recruit Destin and/or Gilbert, then you cannot recruit Carth. If you qualify to recruit Carth then you cannot recruit Destin or Gilbert.

Last Update: July 14th, 2022