Scene 21: Fair Heights

Area Details

Item List

  • Altar of Resurrection
  • Angel Fruit
  • Bloodstained Robe
  • Crystal of Precision
  • Cup of Life
  • Electric Shield
  • Stone of Quickness

Neutral Encounters

Earth Dragon

  • Level 17
  • Forests
  • Item Drops
    • Power Fruit


  • Level 17
  • Plains
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Leaf
    • Silver Hourglass


  • Level 17
  • Forests
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Seed
    • Quit Gate

Red Dragon

  • Level 17
  • Highlands
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Seed
    • Sword of Firedrake

Shop: Dibnoe

CategoryItem NameCost
Equipment (Head) Iron Helm30
Armet 120
Baldr Spear230
ShieldLarge Shield180
Tower Shield 350
Equipment (Body)Plate Mail210
Heavy Armor650
ExpendableHeal Leaf10
Heal Seed50
Heal Pack120
Power Fruit80
Angel Fruit200
Revive Stone500
Quit Gate150

Side Quests

Red Branch

During an Area Investigation, sent a unit that contains Liedel to Inze. Liedel will reunite with an old friend who will give you the Red Branch.

Mission Details

Recruitable Character: Meredia

Before the mission begins, you will meet Meredia in the briefing room. If Leia is still in alive (not dead or undead) and in your battalion, Meredia will offer to join your battalion to look after her. Choose option number 1 (“Of course.”) to add Meredia the Siren to your battalion.

This map was ripped by Tropicon and originally uploaded to Used with permission.
Most neutral encounter information was originally collected by Red Maw. Referenced with permission.
Most enemy unit, shop, and stronghold information was originally collected by CyricZ. Referenced with permission.