Data Privacy Statement is maintained by a single individual (me), Joshua Lindquist, with some input and advice taken from members of the Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Discord community.

I have configured the website to collect some basic information about users to help improve the website. I have a limited amount of time available to maintain the website, and this data helps me make informed decisions about which parts of the website to update.

I use Automattic’s Jetpack service to manage website user statistics. Your data is stored on their servers and may be subject to Automattic’s privacy policy. I do not collect any personal information that allows me to identify you, and I cannot separate individual sessions (your data) from other user data. The data is collected into groups and presented in categories.

I collect the following information with Jetpack:

  • The total number of unique visitors who visit any page of the website each day.
  • The total number of pageviews on the website each day.
  • How many times each page of the website is visited each day.
  • Each website that refers viewers to this website (including search engine clicks).
  • The search term that entered into a search engine to find the website, when applicable. Google and many other search engines no longer share this data.
  • Each video that is played on the website (not applicable as of April 22, 2021, because there are no videos, but this may change in the future without notice).
  • Each link clicked to take viewers to other websites.
  • Each country viewers claim to be visiting from.

I also track which keywords are entered into the website search engine. This information is stored on this website’s database. It is not a part of Jetpack’s statistics feature.

If you choose to contact me via email, Twitter, Discord, or any other method, then additional personal information may become visible to me and may be stored on the servers of any applicable services used for that correspondence.

I will never share any personally identifiable information with a third party. I reserve the right to share basic website statistics and search keywords with third parties of my choosing when this information cannot identify you. I will not share any website statistics or search keywords with a third party for the purposes of advertising or for compensation.

My website hosting provider, Namecheap, may collect additional information about users that may or may not be visible to me. I do not actively use this data for any purpose. is a not-for-profit fan website. This website generates zero revenue.

Last Update: April 22nd, 2021