Scene 24: Capitrium

Area Details

Item List

  • Battle Fan
  • Book of Wind
  • Dragon Shield
  • Heal Pack
  • Revive Stone
  • Silver Hourglass
  • Vestment of Wind

Neutral Encounters

Black Dragon

  • Level 18
  • Snowy Barrens
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Seed
    • Kerykeion

Platinum Dragon

  • Level 18
  • Snowy Highlands
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Seed
    • Ytival


  • Level 18
  • Snowy Forests
  • Item Drops
    • Halt Hammer
    • Torn Cloth

Shop: Rososhi

CategoryItem NameCost
WeaponLeather Whip60
Rupture Rose120
Whip of Exorcism210
Glaive of Champion500
Equipment (Body)Leather Armor60
Hard Leather150
ExpendableHeal Leaf10
Heal Seed50
Heal Pack120
Power Fruit80
Angel Fruit200
Revive Stone500
Quit Gate150

Side Quests


During an Area Investigation, send a unit that contains Biske to Surina and enter the stronghold. Biske will meet a Nun, and she will give you the Jeulnelune.

Mission Details

Enemy Units


  • Item Drop
    • Kerykeion
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x6
  • Location: Mountains northeast of Rososhi
Unit Leader:Archmage19Back, Center
Skeleton18Front, Right
Skeleton18Middle, Left
Zombie (Male)18Front, Left
Zombie (Male)18Front, Center

Beast Master

  • Item Drop
    • Angel Fruit
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x6
  • Location: Southwest of Surina (after liberation)
Unit Leader:Beast Master20Front, Right
Cerberus18Back, Right
Hellhound18Middle, Left

Black Knight

  • Item Drop
    • Prox
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x3
  • Location: Mountains west of Purlova
Unit Leader:Black Knight19Front, Center
Ghost18Front, Right
Ghost18Middle, Center
Ghost18Back, Left
Ghost18Back, Right


  • Item Drop
    • Heal Pack
  • Location: East of Luga (after liberation)
Unit Leader:Diana19Middle, Center
Amazon21Middle, Right
Amazon21Back, Left
Zombie (Female)18Front, Left
Zombie (Female)18Front, Center


  • Item Drop
    • Volcaetus
  • Location: East of Balta
Unit Leader:Enchanter19Back, Center
Skeleton18Front, Left
Skeleton18Back, Right
Stone Golem18Front, Right

Freya #1

  • Item Drop
    • Book of Water
  • Location: South of Castle Eundel
Unit Leader:Freya20Front, Left
Cockatrice18Back, Left
Cockatrice18Back, Right

Freya #2

  • Item Drop
    • Whip of Exorcism
  • Location: East of Castle Eundel
Unit Leader:Freya19Front, Center
Griffin18Back, Right
Opinincus18Back, Left

Ninja Master

  • Item Drop
    • Bell of Thunder
  • Location: Northeast of Surina
Unit Leader:Ninja Master19Back, Center
Griffin18Front, Left
Wyvern18Front, Right

Raven #1

  • Item Drop
    • Heal Pack
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x3, Power Fruit x2, Revive Stone
  • Location: Mountains northeast of Rososhi
Unit Leader:Raven19Front, Left
Wyrm18Front, Right
Wyvern18Back, Left

Raven #2

  • Item Drop
    • Osric’s Spear
  • Location: West of Balta (after Balta’s liberation)
Unit Leader:Raven19Front, Right
Cockatrice18Front, Left
Gremlin18Middle, Right
Gremlin18Back, Center

Raven #3

  • Item Drop
    • Euros
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x2, Power Fruit x2
  • Location: East of Pudozey (after liberation)
Unit Leader:Raven19Back, Right
Wyrm18Front, Right
Wyrm18Back, Left


  • Item Drop
    • None
  • Location: West of Luga (after liberation)
Unit Leader:Vampire21Middle, Center
Ghost19Back, Left
Ghost19Back, Right
Skeleton19Front, Left
Skeleton19Front, Center

Vultan #1

  • Item Drop
    • None
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x4, Power Fruit x2
  • Location: North of Pudozy
Unit Leader:Vultan19Middle, Left
Griffin18Front, Right
Opinincus18Back, Right

Vultan #2

  • Item Drop
    • Altar of Resurrection
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x4, Power Fruit x2, Revive Stone
  • Location: West of Pudozy (after liberation)
Unit Leader:Vultan19Front, Center
Griffin18Back, Center
Hawkman18Front, Left
Hawkman18Front, Right


  • Item Drop
    • Blood Whip
  • Location: South of Luga (after liberation)
Unit Leader:Witch19Back, Left
Pumpkinhead18Front, Right
Pumpkinhead18Back, Center
Zombie (Male)18Front, Left
Zombie (Male)18Middle, Center

Boss: Biske

  • Mission Reward
    • Evil Blade
  • Carried Items: Heal Leaf x4, Power Fruit x2, Revive Stone
  • Location: Castle Eundel
Unit Leader:Lycanthrope/Werewolf21Front, Center
Berserker19Front, Right
Berserker19Middle, Left
Black Knight19Back, Center
Black Knight19Back, Right

Recruitable Character: Biske

Recruiting Biske can feel confusing, but the requirements are simple. You just have to choose the right story paths.

  • At the end of Scene 6: Volmus Mine, choose option number 2 (“… … …”) to prevent both Aisha and Saradin from offering to join your battalion.
  • Ankiseth cannot offer to join your battalion (he must be dead). At the beginning of Scene 18: Wentinus, you can choose either option (“…follow orders.” or “…make peace with them.”), but Ankiseth is only guaranteed to die if you choose option number 1 (“…follow orders.”).

At the end of the mission, Biske will offer to join your battalion if Aisha, Saradin, and Ankiseth have all not offered to join your battalion. Choose option number 2 (“Why don’t you join us?”) to add Biske the Werewolf to your battalion.



Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 32
  • Morale: 31

Castle Eundel

Enemy Headquarters

  • Population: 296
  • Morale: 50


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 161
  • Morale: 70


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 237
  • Morale: 26


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 227
  • Morale: 82


Enemy Stronghold

  • Witch’s Hut
  • Population: 62
  • Morale: 39


Allied Headquarters

  • Shop
  • Population: 45
  • Morale: 87


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 208
  • Morale: 40

This map was ripped by Tropicon and originally uploaded to Used with permission.
Most neutral encounter information was originally collected by Red Maw. Referenced with permission.
Most enemy unit, shop, and stronghold information was originally collected by CyricZ. Referenced with permission.

Contributors: Joshua, Ashanark

Last Update: February 13th, 2024