Scene 5: Zenobian Border

Area Details

Item List

  • Armet
  • Baldr Sword
  • Kite Shield
  • Plate Armor
  • Power Fruit

Neutral Encounters


  • Level 5
  • Highlands
  • Item Drops
    • Power Fruit


  • Level 5
  • Barrens
  • Item Drops
    • Power Fruit

Young Dragon

  • Level 5
  • Plains
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Leaf

Shop: Ethawella

CategoryItem NameCost
Equipment (Head)Bone Helm50
Halt Hammer110
Bastard Sword180
Equipment (Body)Cloth Armor20
ExpendableHeal Leaf10
Heal Seed50
Heal Pack120
Power Fruit80
Angel Fruit200
Revive Stone500
Quit Gate150

Side Quests

Ansate Cross

During an area investigation, sent a unit to Karya to find a cleric being attacked by two fighters and a berserker. Your unit will automatically fight the two fighters and berserker in a continuous battle to-the-death.

After the battle, the cleric will ask you to visit Dem Vidro. Send a unit to Dem Vidro after rescuing the cleric to receive an Ansate Cross.

This is most useful early in the game since an Ansate Cross is only helpful while promoting soldiers.

Mission Details

Enemy Units

Berserker #1

  • Item Drop
    • Amulet
  • Location: Quelluan
Unit Leader:Berserker6Middle, Right
Blue Dragon5Front, Left

Berserker #2

  • Item Drop
    • None
  • Location: Dem Vidro
Unit Leader:Berserker6Middle, Right
Golem5Front, Left


  • Item Drop
    • Kite Shield
  • Location: Marching north from Dem Vidro
Unit Leader:Cleric6Front, Right
Wyrm5Back, Left

Doll Master

  • Item Drop
    • Marionette
  • Location: Marching north from Elle
Unit Leader:Doll Master6Middle, Center
Faerie5Middle, Left
SoldierFront, Left
SoldierFront, Right

Dragon Tamer

  • Item Drop
    • Robe
  • Location: Elle
Unit Leader:Dragon Tamer6Middle, Left
Gremlin5Middle, Right
Gremlin5Back, Left


  • Item Drop
    • Claymore
  • Location: Bridge south of Ethawella
Unit Leader:Fencer7Back, Left
Ninja5Front, Left
Ninja5Middle, Center
Ninja5Back, Right


  • Item Drop
    • Plate Armor
  • Location: Bridge west of Ethawella
Unit Leader:Valkyrie6Back, Right
Blue Dragon5Back, Left


  • Item Drop
    • Armet
  • Location: Laguat
Unit Leader:Wizard6Middle, Right
Berserker5Front, Center
Wizard5Middle, Left
Wizard5Back, Center

Boss: Debonair

  • Mission Reward
    • Champion Statuette
  • Location: Fort Crenel
Unit Leader:General8Middle, Center
Knight5Front, Left
Knight5Front, Right
Sorceress5Back, Left

Story Event

After completing Scene 3: Crenel Canyon, you can choose to complete the next two missions in either order.

Good Ending Path

No Chaos Frame Change

  1. Complete Scene 5: Zenobian Border first.
  2. Complete Scene 4: Mylesia second.

When on this path, capturing/liberating strongholds during Scene 4: Mylesia will not change Chaos Frame.

Bad Ending Path

-10 Chaos Frame

  1. Complete Scene 4: Mylesia first.
  2. Complete Scene 5: Zenobian Border second.


Dem Vidro

Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 34
  • Morale: 69


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 210
  • Morale: 52


Allied Headquarters

  • Shop
  • Population: 137
  • Morale: 47

Fort Crenel

Enemy Headquarters

  • Population: 14
  • Morale: 50


Neutral Stronghold

  • Witch’s Hut
  • Population: 178
  • Morale: 50


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 68
  • Morale: 45


Enemy Stronghold

  • Population: 256
  • Morale: 12

This map was ripped by Tropicon and originally uploaded to Used with permission.
Most neutral encounter information was originally collected by Red Maw. Referenced with permission.
Most enemy unit, shop, and stronghold information was originally collected by CyricZ. Referenced with permission.

Contributors: Joshua, Ashanark

Last Update: May 14th, 2022