Scene 43: Aurua Plains

Area Details

Item List

  • Airgetlam
  • Bell of Thunder
  • Count’s Garment
  • Earth Javelin
  • Prox
  • Volcaetus
  • Urn of Chaos

Neutral Encounters

If you meet the strict requirements to unlock this mission, it will always be the final mission of the game. You can still encounter, tame, and defeat these unit types during the mission, but you are unlikely to take full advantage of them since there are no future opportunities to use them.


  • Level 36
  • Highlands
  • Item Drops
    • Angel Fruit
    • Goblet of Destiny
    • Scroll of Discipline


  • Level 36
  • Highlands
  • Item Drops
    • Fang of Firedrake
    • Heal Pack
    • Sword Emblem

This map was ripped by Tropicon and originally uploaded to Used with permission.
Most neutral encounter information was originally collected by Red Maw. Referenced with permission.
Most enemy unit, shop, and stronghold information was originally collected by CyricZ. Referenced with permission.

Special thanks to Resident Skeleton Overlord™ for advice on how to collect the item drops for these encounters.