Scene 40: Wentinus

Area Details

Item List

  • Altar of Resurrection
  • Bentisca
  • Culnrikolnne
  • Feather Suit
  • Heat-Tex
  • Urn of Chaos

Neutral Encounters


  • Level 34
  • Marshes
  • Item Drops
    • Heal Pack
    • Mirror of Soul
    • Snow Orb


  • Level 34
  • Plains, Roads
  • Item Drops
    • Baldr Club
    • Hachigane
    • Hard Leather


  • Level 34
  • Highlands
  • Item Drops
    • Angel Fruit
    • Champion Statuette
    • Cup of Life

Shop: Timmins

CategoryItem NameCost
Equipment (Head) Armet120
WeaponArc Wand150
Baldr Spear230
ShieldTower Shield350
Equipment (Body)Fur Coat250
Heavy Armor650
ExpendableHeal Leaf10
Heal Seed50
Heal Pack120
Power Fruit80
Angel Fruit200
Revive Stone500
Quit Gate150

This map was ripped by Tropicon and originally uploaded to Used with permission.
Most neutral encounter information was originally collected by Red Maw. Referenced with permission.
Most enemy unit, shop, and stronghold information was originally collected by CyricZ. Referenced with permission.

This map uses graphics from the Chapter 2 scene at Wentinus. It has been altered to remove strongholds that are not present in Chapter 4.