Birthday Events

At the beginning of the game, you are asked to choose your birthday after choosing your character name. The default birthday is Trueno 12 (July 25). The game never explains why you are choosing a birthday, but you can receive a birthday present from your battalion each year if you view the secret events.

How to view a birthday event

The birthday party scenes are hidden in the Hugo Report, which can be accessed from the menu when you are viewing the world map. Open the Hugo Report, then select “Events” and scroll until you find a scene titled “Happy Birthday”. Press the “A” button to open the event, then press the “L” button to watch the event.

During the event, Magnus will be given a present. Most of the time, it is an expendable item (most commonly an item that modifies character stats), but every ten years, beginning at age 20, Magnus receives a unique item. The final unique item is given at age 99 (not 100).

Important notes about birthday events

  • Magnus begins the game at age 18. You can view every birthday until he is 99 years old.
  • You can only view the most recent birthday event. If you miss a birthday, there’s no way to get the item you missed. You do not have to view it on the exact birth date; you only need to view it before that year is over.
  • Days pass when you are walking around the world map, during missions, and during Area Investigations. If you enter an Area Investigation on Trueno 12, expect it to be at least Trueno 13 when you end the Area Investigation.
  • You can “grind birthday events” by walking back and forth across the world map with no penalty.

List of birthday presents

Unique items

These unique items can only be obtained from birthday events.

20Gallant DollA doll weapon that can be equipped by Doll Masters and Enchanters. The stats on this weapon increase with Magnus’s stats. On an average playthrough, this will be the best doll weapon in the game. If you only get one birthday item, get this one!
30Marching BatonWhen carried by a unit, that unit can move further before becoming fatigued or camping.
40Censer of ReposeWhen carried by a unit, that unit will camp for a shorter time before resuming its movement.
50Figurine of SleipnirWhen carried by a unit, that unit will move across the map about twice as fast.
60Manual of WarfareWhen carried by a unit, the characters in that unit will receive twice the experience points in battle.
70Mastaba’s BarrierWhen carried by a unit, the characters in that unit who die in battle and are not resurrected will not become Zombies at the end of a mission (i.e. the chance of them becoming a Zombie is reduced to 0%). Female characters who die in battle can still become Angel Knights while this item is carried by a living unit member.
80Charge HornWhen carried by a unit, that unit can Retreat or use an Elem Pedra (when available) at the beginning of every battle.
90Diadora’s SongFull Body Armor equipment with +26 RES STRIKE stat increase (the highest in the game).
99Noish’s PromiseA sword weapon with +15 STR and +11 MEN stat increases.

Other birthday items

19Goblet of Destiny
21-29Goblet of Destiny, Scroll of Discipline, or Urn of Chaos
31-39Crystal of Precision or Stone of Quickness
41-49Bracer of Protection or Mirror of Soul
51-59Crown of Intellect or Sword Emblem
61-69Champion Statuette or Cup of Life
71-79Dowsing Rod, Flag of Unity, or Silver Hourglass
81-89Altar of Resurrection or Revive Stone
91-98Angel Fruit, Heal Leaf, Heal Pack, or Power Fruit

Zeteginian Calendar

Time in the game passes according to the 15-month Zeteginian calendar where each month is 25 days long. The instruction manual provides a chart that compares the Zeteginian calendar to the real-world Gregorian calendar, which I have recreated for quick reference.

The calendar has no practical use other than to help when selecting your birthday in-game (the game already shows you the real-world alternative when you select your birthday at the beginning of the game). It may be useful to learn the order of the months if you choose to walk across the world map repeatedly to trigger birthday events.

Zeteginian MonthEquivalent Real-World Date Range
DuesJanuary 1 – January 24
TierraJanuary 25 – February 18
AguaFebruary 19 – March 13
SombraMarch 14 – April 6
BrancaApril 7 – May 1
FlamaMay 2 – May 25
VentoMay 26 – June 18
OuroJune 19 – July 13
TruenoJuly 14 – August 6
TrevasAugust 7 – August 30
OceanoAugust 31 – September 24
PretaSeptember 25 – October 18
GemeoOctober 19 – November 11
FogoNovember 12 – December 6
RaioDecember 7 – December 31

Last Update: September 25th, 2021